Sunday, June 28, 2009

My New Friend!
It's official, my Friends Swap partner Leona, who resides in Hawaii, received the FRIENDS package that I put together for her. I had such a great time shopping and gathering goodies for my new blogger friend. Leona and I have emailed several times since Khris, the swap hostess, announced that Leona and I were partners. I am thrilled that we have gotten to know each other and have become friends via the web/blog!

I took photos of the packaging; Leona loves chickens, so the wrapping paper and gift tags were all about chickens and a lil' bit country - It was such great fun to have a theme to go by! I look forward to our continued communication and friendship and cannot wait for another similar FRIENDS swap down the road.



simple country living! said...

Hey there! Thanks for E~V~E~R~Y~T~H~I~N~G!!! And you beat me to posting all my BEAUTIFUL gifts! I want to tell you that you've made this such a wonderful experience! THANK YOU AGAIN & AGAIN!
Now to get busy so I can get yours' done!LOL!

simple country living! said...

OOPS! I will post pictures of the (opened) gifts that I received from you real soon! LOL